Nutrex N-Vein 11.2oz

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The pre-workout category has evolved more times over the years probably more so than any other major category in sports supplements. Whether your main goal is to get "stimmed" out of your mind, or vasodilation, pump and performance is of primary importance, 99% of people still appreciate the pump, whether it is top on your priority list, or a close second to stimulant and energy profile. Enter N-VEIN...We wanted to offer the "missing puzzle piece" to the pre-workout, and even intra workout category. With 4 key components: HyrdroMax, Nitratene, Highly Branched Cyclic Dextrin (HBCD) and electrolyte blend, N-VEIN will surely give you EXTREME BLOOD FLOW AND PUMPS. If your pre-workout comes up short from the pump and performance standpoint, if you're looking to add more pump and endurance, or if you just want to crank up your typical BCAA intra workout cocktail, just add a scoop of N-VEIN.

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