Muscle Elements Amino PM (40 servings)

Muscle Elements
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Amino PM by Muscle Elements

Amino PM by Muscle Elements is everything you want in a night time repair formula. This 6 in 1 product aids to repair, recover and reset your mind and body for maximum performance, muscle growth, and overall rest. The ingredients in Amino PM were designed to keep you anabolic while you enjoy a restful sleep. With Amino PM you can expect more Growth hormone release, more REM (rapid eye movement) sleep, and to wake up refreshed the next day. Amino PM also contains L-leucine, which is an amino acid that aids with protein synthesis (keeps you anabolic) and Active TR a time release form of L-leucine that will be release for hours while you sleep. Adrenal gland reset is another great attribute of Amino PM. This will naturally support hormone regulation, aid with stress levels, and relieve your tolerance to stimulants.  

Amino PM Benefits:

  • Increases GH Release
  • Promotes Muscle Recovery
  • Promotes Deep Sleep
  • Supports Adrenal Cleansing
  • Supports Mental Rejuvenation


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