MHP Macrobolic MRP (20 packets)

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MHP Macrobolic-Mrp provides better balanced nutrition for optimal health, performance and body composition. Macrobolic Nutrition's 45-35-20 ratio of carbohydrates, proteins and fats has been established as the precise macro- nutrient ratio to meet the nutritional needs of athletes and active individuals. Research has show that of optimal performance, your diet should consist of a minimum of 42% carbohydrates. MHP Macrobolic-MRP's Slow Carb blend contains select low glycemic carbs, which are the preferred source of energy and reducing body fat under Macrobolic Nutrition guidelines. Nutritional experts has also determined that protein requirements are higher for athletes and those who engage in exercise. Physical activities such as weight training and running deplete your muscles of key amino acids. MHP Macrobolic-MRP probolic protein matrix provides high levels of these critical amino acids to support muscle growth and recovery. Dietary fats are also very important for optimal health and performance. Macrobolic Nutrition recommends that 20% of your daily caloric intake comes from good sources of essential fatty acids such as flaxseeds, borage oil and evening primrose oil. MHP Macrobolic-MRP's advanced lipid complex provides these recommended sources of EFR's. The superior source of macro-nutrients carbohydrates proteins and fats in the precise 45-35-20 ratio certifies MHP Macrobolic-MRP as a premium health and performance enhancement MHP Macrobolic Nutrition formula.

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