iForce Nutrition Xtreme Series ZMA 90caps

iForce Nutrition
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Mineral fortified muscle recovery system. This powerful combination of minerals is delivered in scientifically proven dosages that have been clinically shown to increase testosterone levels and muscle strength in training athletics, which also improving quality of sleep. Supplementing your Diet with ZMA may promote: An Increase in Testosterone. Boost Muscle Strength & Power. Increase Sleep Quality & Recovery. Increased Protein Synthesis. Zinc and magnesium are very important minerals for proper hormonal and immune support. However these minerals are quickly depleted in hard training athletes. Don't be one of them! Vitamin B6 is also a critical nutrition for increasing muscle protein synthesis. Supplementing your diet with ZMA allows you to replenish these minerals while also supplying Vitamin B6 to increase muscle protein synthesis while you sleep .ZMA promotes the muscle recovery you need to increase muscle mass and strength.

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