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Cellucor’s pre workout, C4 has been a standout product in the pre-workout category since it was launched in 2010. It’s been helping gym junkies, weekend warriors, and competitive athletes since its release. Cellucor has really stepped up their game with the Fourth Generation C4, bringing a new and improved formula into play.

C4’s new pre workout formula includes 1.6 grams of Beta Alanine. Beta-alanine is a non-essential amino acid which buffers lactic acid in the body, to remove soreness and fatigue from your muscles. Giving you a longer lasting workout!

C4 pre workout also brings you 1 gram of Arginine AKG, or AAKG which is a non-essential amino acid that is well-known for producing nitric oxide. Nitric Oxide provides a more effective way of delivering oxygen and nutrients to your muscles. This will also give you the notorious PUMP! C4 delivers AAKG for a fantastic pump.

C4 carries Creatine Nitrate, which is simply a creatine bound to a nitrate. The creatine molecule will hydrate your muscles and produce lasting strength gains. The Nitrate found in C4 pre workout will provide additional pump alongside the AAKG

C4’s newest addition would be the ingredient of TeaCore, a new breakthrough ingredient that acts as an additional stimulant alongside caffeine. Making C4 great for gaining that extra energy you need to get into the gym!

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