Applied Nutriceuticals HG4-Up 80caps

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Applied Nutriceuticals introduces HG4UP™ which helps support human growth hormone and helps maximize recovery. HG4UP™ helps enhance sleep, strength and lean muscle.

You don’t have to max out every time you hit the gym, but you do need to maximizewhat you put into your body every day to reach your power potential and yourstrength gains. HG4Up™ is a potent new Enteric GHRH-Mediated Growth Hormonereleaser from Applied Nutriceuticals that supports  an increase in growth hormone levels, which helps maximize deep, restful sleep. Reinvigorated sleep from HG4Up™ helps stimulate new muscle growth for amplified endurance and strength gains, and it will also increase muscle size and hardness.

DIRECTIONS: Take 4 enteric capsules at bed time on an empty stomach or with a slow-releasing protein and 12 oz. of fluid. For best results, take HG4Up™ in a 5 days on/2 days off dosing format.

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