Surviving the Morning Workout

So today, I want to talk about surviving the morning workout. What you can do to become a better and more efficient morning person and what supplements will benefit your morning workout.

So for years now I have been waking up at 4:30 A.M. in order to to make it to the gym by 5:30. Why would anyone want to workout so early you might ask? A few reasons actually. Reason #1: More energy throughout the day. If you workout early in the morning, your energy levels will naturally be higher throughout the day. It has been shown that working out for as little as 30 minutes a day can boost energy levels by up to 20%! Secondarily, productivity will increase as a result of working out in the morning. The #1 excuse we hear from people as to why they don’t workout is that they’re too busy and there’s just not enough time. By getting up just an hour earlier each day, you get the workout out of the way first leaving the rest of the day for other priorities.

Now that you know the benefits of working out in the morning, we will discuss what supplements can benefit and get you through the morning workout.


There are literally hundreds of pre-workout products on the market today so we won’t cover them all here, but we will go over why it might be important to consume a pre-workout powder before your next morning workout. Most importantly is energy! The number one complaint I hear from people at the gym in the morning is that they’re just flat out tired! The number one benefit to taking a pre-workout before the workout is to increase mental capacity, energy, and overall workout performance. Since i am not a big coffee drinker, pre-workouts really come in handy. They have saved many of workouts early in the morning when I was tempted to hit the snooze button. With that being said, I believe there is a pre-workout powder for everyone out there. Whether you are looking for a high stimulant product or a lower stimulant product, we’ve got the pre-workout powder for you.

High Stimulant Pre-workouts: Noxipro, Hyde, E.S.P.  and others. These products typically have 300-400mg of caffeine and are usually on the stronger end of the pre-workout spectrum. While these will give you the maximum amount of energy, keep in mind they are not for everyone.

Low Stimulant Pre-Workouts: B-Nox, N.O.-Xplode, C4, Assault, and others. While these products will range anywhere from 100-200mg these are designed to not only provide energy, but increase your overall performance as well.

Keep in mind, that pre-workout powders are not for everyone. Especially people with any kind of medical condition, so it is always recommended to consult your physician before taking a pre-workout powder.

Pre-Workout Nutrition

So this is probably the most important but overlooked part of the morning workout and that is pre-workout nutrition. Most people that I talk to at the gym in the morning are missing this very important part of their workout and that is workout fuel! Most people that workout early in the morning simply go to the gym on an empty stomach. They usually cite time as a reason for for not eating anything prior to their workout. This can become problematic considering first thing in the morning, your body is actually looking for proper nutrition. If you’ve ever wondered why you are gassing out mid way through your workout in the morning, working out on an empty stomach might just be the reason. The solution to this would be to consume either a quick protein bar or either a protein shake 30 minutes before the workout. This can do a few things. This quick, but effective nutrition can curb your appetite early in the morning as well as give your body the fuel it needs to get through a grueling early morning workout. I would recommend consuming a protein bar or shake about an hour prior to your workout and if you desire a pre-workout powder for extra energy 30 minutes after. If pre-workout powders aren’t for you, then coming this light meal 30 minutes before your workout will be sufficient.

BCAA / Amino Acid drinks

Consuming amino acids pre, during, or post workout can be very beneficial in preventing muscle breakdown and aiding in recovery. I think these types of products are best consumed during the workout. Many BCAA and amino acid drinks contain electrolytes, as well as glutamine, and high amounts of amino acids that can aid in preventing muscle breakdown during the crucial time during a workout. While you are working out you are putting microfiber tears on the muscle so it is important to sip on an amino acid and recovery drink during the workout to aid in muscle building. Some of my favorite bcaa and amino acid recovery products are as follows: Amino IV from PE Science, Alpha Amino from Cellucor, Amino X from BSN, Peak BCAA from Inner Armour, and many others. 1 serving of any of these products during the workout can keep you going and help you recover from your workout faster!

If you follow these basic tips for working out in the morning, you will be at your all time best in no time! Just remember the key to waking up early is getting to bed early and getting the proper amount of rest! Don’t expected to stay up late and expect to be up early for your next workout. In order to be up early for your next morning workout, you need to be well rested!

As far as post workout nutrition goes, make sure you are consuming a fast absorbing whey isolate protein to rebuild the muscle and a quick digesting carbohydrate to replenish muscle glycogen. While I believe post workout nutrition is the most important, the requirements don’t really change depending on when you work out. I hope this article has motivated, informed, and inspired you to get up early for your next workout!

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