Sleep Naturally with these Products

Many things can keep you from a good nights rest. Anxiety/stress, school, work, too many stimulants, and on and on. Whatever the case may be, sleep is imperative! A good nights rest can help the body relieve stress, release growth hormones naturally which help metabolize fats and build muscle. Sleep can also help you recover from your workouts much faster.

Too little sleep may cause:

* Impaired memory and thought processes
* Depression
* Decreased immune response
* Fatigue
* Increased pain

Below we will highlight a few popular sleep aids so you can decide which one is right for you.

CTD Sports Noxitropin PM
Used nightly, Noxitropin PM can enhance natural sleep patterns by inducing a deep, restful sleep without struggle. A good nights sleep is important in that it allows your body to repair and prepare for the coming day. Wake up feeling refreshed and energized with Noxitropin PM. The active ingredients found in Noxitropin PM have been shown to provide benefits such as increased bone density and decreased body fat. Noxitropin PM may also modulate cortisol levels which is vital to muscle tone and weight loss.

MRM Relax-All
Relax-ALL is an herbal supplement that was designed to support relaxation and calming to muscles. Chronic stress, tension, and anxiety as well as muscular overexertion can lead to lack of sleep which negatively affects your quality of life.

Myocalm™ is an herbal and amino acid blend of highly concentrated extracts and neuro-peptide intermediates. Both Wild Jujjube seed and Valerian root are well known for their relaxation properties and work synergistically with the patented compounds Honokiol and Magnolol, both found in Mongolia bark.

Optimum Nutrition Melatonin
Melatonin is a hormone produced in the body and secreted at night. Taken as a dietary supplement, it is designed to help combat insomnia and may be useful for jet-lag.

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